Doctor Who Intro’s - 1963 - 2014

It’s like a time capsule, you look back at different era’s in Doctor Who’s history & it’s really quite beautiful. Same tune, different graphics. Same Doctor, different face. Same screwdriver, different case. Same Tardis, different interior.

*Also I know there’s a few missing but since tumblr only allows for pic/ gif sets to have up to 10 I had to make a couple of cut backs.*

Doctor Who - Season 8 - Intro

You all sound all English!
The moment I decided I love super Scottish Doctor Who (via doctorwho)


Crying over a dinosaur what is my life

The game is afoot and we are going to need a lot of tea
the most british thing yet (via doctorwho)


Mom: Why aren’t you breathing?


When the Doctor tells you to hold your breath, you hold your breath.